Start at the Beginning

When running is the topic we discuss how we run, where we run, what we wear when running, what we listen to and how far we run. I’ve discussed before how runner’s favorite topic is running itself. Many of our discussions revolve around races we have finished and sometimes the devastating races we couldn’t finish. […]

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Running to the ‘Mark

We are rapidly approaching one of the best and most stressful times in a lot of our lives, the holiday season, otherwise known as Christmas. I by all accounts love this time of year. I love the weather, of course my view is a but skewed, since I live in the desert it’s usually a […]

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One of my favorite things about running trail races is listening to the conversations of the people waiting for the flag to drop. The conversations usually range from the newest shoes they just got, their new race day diet, and where they will be drinking after the race. My favorite topic that is always covered […]



It finally happened.  November 3rd, 2018 came and went.  After months of discussion and preparation, it was over.  There were smiles, tears, high fives and bloody knees.  Some ate bacon, others Twizzlers and veggie burgers.  There was sprinting, walking, limping, and a lot of hobbling.  For some the end brought pain in places that were […]


Call it what it is

First off, if you had to come up with one of the scariest exercises that people literally freak out when the word is said, what would it be? Just think about it for a second. As a fitness instructor, I sometimes try to “pull the wool” over my clients, having them do something that they […]

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Too Much JB Weld

My past readers are partially aware of what is coming up for me this weekend.  To be fair the event includes my parents.  On Saturday the three of us less than intelligent souls will be participating in the Run Amok 50k in Harrison, TN.  This is the Ultra Marathon that my parents essentially shamed me […]

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Rim to Rim: Part 2

We began our trip by flying into Las Vegas and picking up our hiking partner Joshua and our driver, my son Joseph. It’s about 4 hours from Las Vegas to our quaint little motel on the north rim. Things are a little laid back at this motel, being we would be in late they just […]

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