Forged from Iron

When I got into my fifties I started taking health and fitness seriously.  A few years ago, I met a man 20 years older than me named Lyle. Lyle is not your normal “senior citizen”. Lyle is an ironman. You may ask, what makes Lyle an ironman? He is a man who swims 2.4 miles, bikes 110 miles, and […]

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The Dangers Lurking in Your Home

  Did your parents ever warn you about the dangers lurking inside your home? No……I am not referring to the hot stove or the cleaning supplies.  I mean really haven’t we adapted as humans to be born with the innate knowledge that we already know those things.  I am referring to picking up things off […]

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But I have a zit on my nose

Why is it so difficult to accept a compliment? I used to be that person. For example, “you look very nice today”. Before I would say, “but can’t you see the big zit on my nose”? We are our own worst critic. I read an article one day that said when a compliment is given, […]

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Running Scared

  I was having a conversation at work the other day and the topic was what frightens us while running/walking outside.  Honestly I’m sad to admit that my own shadow scares me sometimes and I’m positive Hannibal Lector lives on one of my routes.  Clarice constantly goes through my mind and why it’s so important […]

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I think we can all agree that everyone loves a comeback. Whether that is a comeback from self-induced indulgences, injury, illness or from someone wronging someone else. There is nothing that unites us more than the underdog coming from nowhere, or the favorite becoming the underdog and battling their way back. This phenomenon usually shows […]

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Garmin Free Zone?

Yesterday I decided to venture off the trails and battle the streets of Las Vegas. As I was trying to figure out my route for the day, I saw there is a small weekly farmer’s market in our downtown area. So, the plan was for me to run downtown and meet my wife at the […]

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