It started with a kiss…

The journey started months before the gun went off, but the story itself started just 24 hours before the blast. Three people who had no business standing exactly where they were standing, stared in apprehension and some disbelief. The trio who looked more like they should be walking to get coffee after a 35 minute […]

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Working 9 to 5, Almost

It started at 8 a.m. on Saturday, or did it start at the airport on Thursday or did it begin with the purchase of my first trail shoes? I have no idea when it started but I know for a fact it ended Saturday at 4:00 p.m. What came to a thankful end at 4:00 […]

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Uncle A-Hole

I had the distinct pleasure a few weeks ago of taking out a small group of people on a trail run. One meber was just getting introduced to majesty of the Las Vegas desert. The other two were getting acquainted for the second same. We started our trek in an area of the valley known […]

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Me, Myself and Me

I have always considered myself a team player. According to me, I work well with most people at my current job. During my prolific high school basketball career I felt I was a part of well tuned machine that was able to amass 7 wins in roughly 80 games over four years. (yes you read […]

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Start at the Beginning

When running is the topic we discuss how we run, where we run, what we wear when running, what we listen to and how far we run. I’ve discussed before how runner’s favorite topic is running itself. Many of our discussions revolve around races we have finished and sometimes the devastating races we couldn’t finish. […]

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