Worse Than a Rock in Your Shoe

20170915_121029.jpgWelcome to a Rock in Your Shoe, my feeble attempt at a blog based on my experiences as an inexperienced runner.  As we lumber our way through these blogs like I do a 3% incline, I hope at the very least I can make you smile for a second, ponder for a moment, and along the way learn to not despise me as a human being.  I have decided to tackle all of life’s issues through the prism of trail running;   where all my idea’s good or bad are conceived.  You don’t have to trail run or run at all to find peace and insight.  It is what works for me.  I hope all of you have your version of a trail, whether it’s the gym, a bike, or a pogo stick.  We all need somewhere and something that takes us away from the insanity of life.  I hope, when your done killing it at the gym, biking across the city, or participating in the annual pogo stick parade (please, let this exist) a Rock in Your Shoe is just a little bit better than, well, a rock in your shoe.

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