How to Successfully Run an Unsuccessful Business.


About a year ago I decided it would be a good idea to start a business.  This idea was based on my passion for trail running.  It was a million-dollar idea.  The plan was to pick people up in my car and take them to one of our many trails; take them for a run and return them home.  I mean what could go wrong with a business based on a stranger picking you up at your home, driving you into the middle of nowhere and then guide you into the unknown abyss known as the Mojave Desert.  I mean seriously, I can’t understand why I don’t have a fleet of windowless vans driving all over this city crammed with people dying to tempt death.  Based on the successful failure of my business I decided I would write a short “how to” on the proper way to fail in business:

1.      Possess no knowledge on how to run a business

2.      Put zero dollars into advertising

3.      Provide a service no one wants

That’s it.  It’s quite simple.  As you spend another $29.99 on the newest Tony Robbins how to book, remember, I just provided you free of charge, a play book on how to quickly and cheaply fail.  Your welcome!

My next idea is to start a blog no one wants to read.  Wish me luck.


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