Small Things Make Me Sweat


In 1997 Richard Carlson’s, “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff and it’s all Small Stuff”, became a New York Times Bestseller. The book’s main idea is that we shouldn’t worry about all the small things in our lives and everything in our lives are small things. In principle I like the concept, but this book was obviously not written for us trail runners. I have learned it’s all about the small stuff in our small worlds. I’ve learned everything bad comes in small packages. I’m not just talking about the chocolate flavored GU packs. While we are here though, those things are freaking disgusting. If actual chocolate tasted like that, chocolate would have been banned hundreds of years ago. The small things I am referencing are the obstacles we face on every step. For example, rocks. Have any of you ever had a large boulder stuck in your shoe? I bet not, it’s always that ridiculous pebble that gets lodged under our arch that feels like an LSD addicted scorpion on an acid trip inside your shoe. Have any of you every tripped on the root of a sequoia? No, it’s the root of the tree that died years ago that sends us headfirst into a dirt sandwich. While I’m attacking the small things in life, I’ve recently been diagnosed by Dr. Google with having “turf toe”. My first complaint is the stupid name, how can I get sympathy when I’m inflicted by something that sounds like I got due to bad hygiene. Secondly, this really freaking hurts. When running with this, I can only equate it to the feeling of stubbing your toe every ½ second or so. My big toe takes up less than 1% of my entire body mass, but is causing 100% of my current misery. So, ironically my BIG toe is a SMALL thing while being a HUMONGOUS pain in my ass. On behalf of the rock in my shoe, the trip wire root and my stupid big toe I will humbly ignore Mr. Carlson’s advice and will continue to lose sleep over all the small stuff in my life.

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