That Will Learn You

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I’m sitting here typing on Leadville Eve, just thinking about all the things I’ve learned and the ways I have grown by partaking in the sport known as trail running. I have learned what love is and what it means. Love isn’t a noun, it is a verb. Love is when you put time, effort and dedication into something. You put everything you are into something, so much so you don’t have to say I love you constantly for it to know you love it. I’ve learned dedication. Getting up really early when sometimes I don’t want to, but because I must. No complaints, no whining, just waking up and get to getting. Reliance. Being reliant is letting people know that you will be where you suppose to be and when you’re supposed to be there. Grit, my favorite word. I have learned no college education; no book and no motivational poster can give you grit. Grit is the key to success in life and on the trail. Work ethic. Work ethic is doing what your asked, when your asked and then going beyond it. To be good or great will never be possible without work ethic. Toughness. Toughness isn’t punching people in the face, wearing a bad to the bone t-shirt or telling people how high you can climb. Toughness is people knowing that no task insurmountable for you, no task too daunting, and fear may creep in but will never succeed. I’ve learned that sometimes when your doing something that feels like someone is poking you in the sternum you focus on the task at hand and push through. I’ve learned that I may lack athletic talent but that will not stop me from athletic achievements. These are things I’ve learned, not by someone preaching them to me, but by seeing them in action.

For the first time ever, your humble blogger has lied to you. I did not learn one of these things while trail running. I learned everyone one of these things from my father. I knew he would be uncomfortable reading a blog about him, so I used a little trickery. My dad is the definition of work ethic, grit, determination and toughness. I have only achieved the things I have done because I was taught these things, through action. As you are reading this I am attempting to run to a place I have no business running. I can only do this because my dad is my dad. He didn’t give me great physical tools, but he gave me everything else I need to climb to the top. Happy Father’s Day!
P.S. Mom, If I die doing this race it’s dad’s fault.

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