The Las Vegas Autobahn


In Las Vegas we have an amazing national conservatory known by locals as simply Red Rock. I have mentioned this place many times before;  probably because it’s many of our homes away from home. This place is so amazing, to think that in a city that quite literally has everything, TripAdvisor lists Red Rock as the number one thing to do in the entire city. How bad ass do you have to be, to be rated number one in a place that has billion-dollar casino’s, water shows, volcanoes erupting, Brittany Spears and 24/7 everything? The answer is enormously bad ass. When you visit Las Vegas, you must visit Red Rock. When you visit Red Rock you must take your time and enjoy your trip into the beauty of the desert.  I think most people who have visited Red Rock would agree with me, so then why does every time I’m on the Loop it becomes the autobahn?  Let me explain.

The Red Rock Loop is a roughly 12-mile scenic road that loops and swoops through the center of the park. From this road you can see, the majestic red rocks, an out place white mountain, wild flowers, wildlife, and if you look real close you might see me bleeding to death (a story for a different day). The Loop is a road you must purposely take. It’s a few miles from the city and is a detour from the main road that leads to the town of Blue Diamond. My point here is, if you are on the Loop then you want to be on the Loop. And if you are on the Loop you are there to run, hike, take pictures or to just enjoy a beautiful 30-minute drive. Why then the impatience? Why the horn? Why even go?

I love to run in Red Rock. Some of my favorite trails require me to drive the Loop to arrive at the different trailheads. So, after my run I must finish the Loop due to the fact it is a one-way road. I have yet to figure out why I see what I see almost every time I finish my run and drive the Loop to exit the park. As previously explained this road is made for one thing and one thing only, seeing nature. The other day, which turned out like many other days in Red Rock, I got behind a car with out of state plates, doing approximately 20 mph. The passenger had their window down and was filming the drive. I love that. That might be their best souvenir from the entire trip. They will be able to relive the tranquility of that moment away from the bright lights and thumping club music. But enter, you. Not you, that other you standing there. The person on this day that decided that traffic wasn’t moving up to their standards. You decided that these other people weren’t enjoying the best we had to offer, they were a June bug on your windshield. An annoyance. You decided to pass me, which was fine, at that moment I was trying to figure out a way to put a tourniquet on my face. Then you decided my Loop driving friends were in the way, you honked. YOU FREAKING HONKED!! Then ripped around them only to pull right in front of them and slow down. I was, and I am still confused.

You decided to drive down a road that is for people to enjoy the outside world. No one is going anywhere, especially, not in a hurry. If you are in hurry feel free to enjoy one of our many fantasy cars driving courses. Can we please make a pact? When we enter a park, a trail, or a scenic byway can we shut down our eternal instincts to win the race that isn’t occurring. When most of us leave our home to visit the tree’s, the water or the desert we do so leave the real world for a moment. The quickest way to bring us out of fantasy land is you and your impatience. If other’s enjoyment of the great outdoors is not moving at a pace you’d like, stay home.  Join us when you want to be a part of us.  Join us when you see us as fellow adventurers, and not as competitors in the new Red Rock 500.  Red Rock, all National parks, local parks and the world itself has so much to see smell and hear.  So please do yourself a favor, slow down, roll down your window and video. the sights with your eyes, I promise it will be a souvenir worth saving.

One thought on “The Las Vegas Autobahn

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