No Platinum China Please

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As I was running today I was trying to decide what to write about then it hit me, right in the hamstring. During the run I felt a little tweak in the hammy and it got me thinking about my recent run of injuries. Before I bore you with a list, I always quietly mocked people with running injuries, due to my decades long run of pain free running. The mocking has stopped. This year has been an eye opener with my groin issue, my turf toe, and now the hamstring. But, before I started typing I read a blog by one of my favorite bloggers; Coffee, Run, Repeat. She did a funny and insightful blog on running injuries and I quickly determined she covered the topic better than I could. So now what? Then I remembered something I thought about today on the trail. It wasn’t the 108-degree temperature, well actually I did think about that, kind of hard not to when your skin is melting. It dawned on me today, that next week is an anniversary for me. 20 Years ago, I moved to Las Vegas. 20 freaking years. This is unbelievable to me, considering when I moved here with my brother I told him I’d do one year and then I was going back home. Man, I was wrong.

I was wrong about a lot of things 20 years ago. When I moved here I had just graduated from college and thought I had the world pretty much figured out. HAHAHAHAHAHA! This city has offered me so much in the last twenty years, my wife, my son, a great career, many friends, to many late nights and of course it introduced me to trail running. The biggest thing moving here offered me was an education. Not a formal one, but real a real-life education. I grew up in an awesome small town in the Midwest with awesome parents, great siblings and kick ass friends. I wouldn’t change my childhood for anything. Unlocked doors, basketball hoops in driveways, back roads to drink on (not me mom and dad, other people), and neighborly hospitality. My upbringing was part Mayberry part Animal House. I never realized it growing up, but the most important thing I would ever do in my hometown is, leave it.

My brother and I arrived on a day when a bank clock (remember those) read 110 degrees. I thought we had got lost and drove straight into the depths of hell. Then I saw our first apartment and I was right, we were in a white with green trim hell. Those apartments have since been condemned and replaced with a parking garage. Little did I realize at the time; those apartments were the beginning of change. Since living in those green shag infested apartments, I have married the woman of my dreams, helped raise an amazing kid, had three great jobs, fought in a war, ran thousands of miles and drank a few to many craft beers. Between meeting my wife, running for too many hours to count and drinking enough beers to be a little hazy, I have grown and changed. I owe it all to making that move 20 years ago. Some of the things I believed twenty years ago makes me laugh, some of the ways I saw things makes me realize how blind I was then. I needed Vegas way more than it needed me. Moving here was like doing one more repeat up an incline or pushing out one more rep, it made me uncomfortable. Which then led to growth. Twenty years ago, I thought I knew it all, understood it all and met all the people there were to meet. But as the great Mr. Rate from the movie, “Shooter” , said, “The world ain’t what it seems, the moment you think you have it figured, Your Wrong!” I hope in the next 20 years my beliefs change again for the better, I hope I meet and learn from more great people and for God sakes I hope I can finally finish a race in the top ten.

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