Running Scared


imageI was having a conversation at work the other day and the topic was what frightens us while running/walking outside.  Honestly I’m sad to admit that my own shadow scares me sometimes and I’m positive Hannibal Lector lives on one of my routes.  Clarice constantly goes through my mind and why it’s so important to put the lotion in the basket.  Typically it’s people in general or cars that scare you. But in my case, it’s dogs.  Now, fast forward 12 hours.  My husband and I are out early for our morning run, when my worst nightmare came alive.  We hear a noise behind us and you guessed it, a dog chasing us down the road dragging his leash.  Luckily this  rabid monster was more interested in my husband than me.  Four miles later we were back home.  We started our run as a duo and ended as a threesome.  The scary beast that I for sure thought was going to earn me a day off work nursing a bite wound was now in my house.  We got ahold of the police (like they have nothing better to do) to pick up the dog.  But first, it’s a must to get selfies with the pup.  The nice policeman picked up my new best friend and as he was loading him up, the cute little doggie looked back with sad eyes, wondering what he did wrong to be placed in the back of a cop car. We got away unscathed this time.  But I seriously hope that’s our last run in with any 4 legged friend!

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