The Dangers Lurking in Your Home


Did your parents ever warn you about the dangers lurking inside your home? No……I am not referring to the hot stove or the cleaning supplies.  I mean really haven’t we adapted as humans to be born with the innate knowledge that we already know those things.  I am referring to picking up things off the ground.  Just the other day I was doing my house chores and saw that I missed a dust bunny on the tile.  So what do I do?  I bend over quickly, because I am a bit of a spaz once I get to cleaning, and as I think to myself success and go to stand back up BANG.  That is right I hit the back of my head on the granite so hard and fast that I collapsed to the floor.  I don’t recall my mom ever warning me about the dangers of granite. Note to self; watch out for the granite.  I am now two days into a pretty decent concussion and my house chores have been put to a halt. All I can do now is laugh at the ridiculousness of this unfortunate event and wonder what other house dangers was I not warned about as a child.

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