Fanny Packs are Back

About three years ago I was at a Cubs game and saw this adorable girl wearing what we once called a fanny pack.  It wasn’t just any fanny pack it was a Coach fanny pack.  Being the fashionista that I am, I instantly fell in love and knew I had to have one.  Over the years I have desperately tried to convince my husband and other family members that the fanny pack is making a return into modern fashion.  They weren’t buying what I was trying to sell.  So, after a fabulous date night in August my husband and I went “window” shopping at some very high-end purse stores when low-and-behold there they were.  Fanny packs!!  Well, to hip and trendy fashionistas, they are now referred to as belt bags, but to a girl from the 80’s, they will always be known as a fanny packs.  These “belt bags” ranged from $1200 – $3500.  Seriously.  So, although I was drooling and wanting to own one I walked away trying to make a responsible choice and spend my money more wisely.  This leads me to about two weeks later and I was in Chicago with my sister in law and what do I see everywhere? Yep “fanny packs”.  I told her I have been telling you for years; fanny packs were making a come-back.  She laughed, but before too long every store we went into she started asking if they had any “fanny packs”.  It was awesome! My eye for fashion knew the packs would return with full force.  I wound up buying a sports “belt bag” and I wear it proudly.  Today, the trend is to wear the pack on your hip, not in the front like we did in the 80’s.  As I have aged, I have embraced my own sense of fashion and the love of adopting other’s.  Be unique and wear your “fanny packs” with pride.

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