With the First Pick…….

I made a horrible mistake this week.  No, it wasn’t running an Ultra Marathon in the desert in the 100 degree heat.  That experience was nothing but exhilarating, miserable,  and one of the most satisfying things I have ever done.  The mistake took place after the Ultra, and it wasn’t mixing pizza with sushi for dinner.  That my friends is Heaven on Earth.  The mistake I made was taking the week off from running.  Taking these days off sent me right to my old habits.  It led me to doing something I’m not proud of doing.  I’ve been running for a long time, but I had a mistress before I put on my first pair of Brooks.  This mistress started in high school and then went from hobby to addiction.  This addiction reared it’s ugly head this week.  This addiction is called the news.  I know, I know, I’ll seek immediate help.

Over the last few weeks A Rock In Your Shoe has added some awesome writers to the team.  When I asked them to write with me, each asked what they could or should write about.  I told them I didn’t care, just no POLITICS.  I want us to make people laugh, make them think or motivate them.  So to my team and to my readers I apologize, for I’m going to break my own rule.

After running my Ultra, I decided it would be a good idea to skip the gym, skip some runs and let my body rest up to avoid injury.  So instead of hitting the gym in the morning and hitting the roads at night, I filled that time with my news apps.  After reading all my sports sources first, I’d then go down the rabbit hole known as the 24 hour news cycle. Earl Warren said it best, “I always turn to the sports pages first, which records people’s accomplishments. The front page has nothing but man’s failures.”  I read this quote in high school and I have always followed its genius.  None the less I eventually made my way to man’s failures.  As I came home from work this week, instead of prepping for the next day’s run, I sat in my recliner and watched what was going in the world.   A running injury now seems more enjoyable than that decision.  Needless to say I’m saddened by what I saw.

This post and this blog will never take part in dividing this country, I will leave that to the garbage that fills channel 350-365 on DirecTV.  I watched as everyone on these channels picked a side and stuck with their “team” regardless of the facts or insanity of their opinions.  After watching this nonsense I choose my “team”.  My team consists of my family, my friends, my co-workers and my fellow trail junkies.  My team consists of my “opponent” who offered me a protein bar at an aid station, and volunteers who stood in triple digit temperatures to pass out water, pickles and Twizzler’s to people crazy enough to be out there running.  I choose the guy who beat me by three hours that clapped for me every time we passed each other.  I choose my wife who was sick and had a fracture in her foot but stood at the finish line for hours waiting to see me finish.  I’ll choose anyone who is willing to push themselves to exhaustion, dehydration and chaffing that starts to bleed just for the ability to say “I did it”.  These are the people I want on my team.

To all of you I watched on tv this week, I don’t choose you.  If I was doing a life fantasy draft, I think all of you would be free agents.  The next time your trying to decide on which three letter network you want to do FOX, CNN, NBC, or CBS.  I have an alternative three letters for you to do, RUN.  If you don’t run, come join us.  We don’t have aisles that separate us, we have support teams. We don’t have agenda’s, we have goals.  We don’t have dirty name calling campaigns, we have dirty no-drop runs.  We don’t have yes people, we have pacers.  That’s our team and we are always looking for few more teammates to make us a little more awesome.  If that’s possible.

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