Sitting on the Side-Line


I have never been an athlete or overly into fitness.  I am one of those who participates minimally for health and vanity reasons.  Now onto the role of the people on the side-line.  I am not necessarily referring to an actual side-line but referring to those of us that support our loved ones as they conquer challenges physically and mentally through their dedication to a particular sport.  I have been married for 16 years and am a mother to an amazing 23 year old man.  Through the years I have been blessed to watch both men achieve what I find to be out of reach for myself.  I won’t go on and on bragging, but my point is for those of us on the “side-line” we get tears in our eyes and our hearts are filled with pride, love, and pure aww as we see our loved ones finish two century rides on back to back weekends or watch our husband come across the finish line of his first ultra in the desert in over 100 degrees.  We aren’t just the person on the side-line we are the support, we are their biggest fans, and we are right there to say, “You can do this”. Whether you are the mom that packs the teams snacks, the mother that car pools the lacrosse team, or the wife that runs the tough mudder route to be at ever obstacle know that your role is important.  The happiness and pride we feel is immeasurable and can’t be recreated.  Keep being fabulous on the side-line.

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