The double P

As I was walking through the gym the other day, I overheard a 16 year old doing a 30 lb chest press say, “I’m too old for this”. Hence the double P. My biggest PET PEEVE! What constitutes being too old? What age exactly are we when we’re too old and should just give up?

Watching my 72 year old client do a burpee off a bosu ball, when a year and a half ago, she had never exercised , is pretty dang amazing. I’m sure glad she never said, “I’m too old.”

Watching my parents train for an ultra marathon, again I’m sure glad they’re not “too old” either. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t happy when they told me they were doing this. I changed my tune the day my dad said that as long as he can run, he’s going to do it. Enough said. That’s exactly how it should be.

We typically hang around people that have similar interests. Would you rather have a conversation about your latest trail run, the walk you went on and saw 14 deer, the mud run you conquered? Or is it more interesting to discuss the medications you’re on or when your next Dr’s appointment is?

Our health should be number one in our lives. If we don’t have that, what do we have? A quote from the greatest movie ever… from Andy Dufresne to Red in Shaw Shank Redemption, “life comes down to a simple choice. You’re either busy living or busy dying “.

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