Rim to Rim (Part 1)

canyon clouds dawn desert
Photo by Josh Sorenson on Pexels.com

What is high on the list of every 65 year old person do for “fun”?  What else? A one day Rim to Rim hike of the Grand Canyon. Three years ago as a friend and I sat at our lockers at the local YMCA, we were discussing our upcoming Medicare eligible birthdays and what we should do to see if we still had it. (Whatever it is). Immediately one of the most grueling and possibly dangerous hikes came to mind. So it was on and as word spread we were joined by my daughter Stephie,  son in law Mook, son Joshua and friends Sherri and Bruce. This was February 2015 so plans were made and the training started.  Thanks to my wife Dianna, we started long hikes on Saturday along with our usual workouts during the week. We progressed to where 20 mile hikes were common. Of coarse, our Iowa family and friends couldn’t officially start training until they made a trip to REI to get the very latest and most fashionable hiking gear and clothes. You HAVE to look good in case you need medevac’d out of the canyon. My son Joshua is always training for some endurance event, so training for him was routine.  After 7 months of very intense training and a lot of self doubt, Labor Day weekend was upon us.

To be continued….

Philipians 4/13. Lawman

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