William Wallace Won

I woke up at four this morning to drive to the wilderness to meet a guy I had never met before.  Before you think I was up to do an early morning drug deal or anything;  I met this guy on Facebook, so nothing could be shady about this.  Right?  The guy in question was […]

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Happy A-Day

There has been a lot of talk over the last few years about participation trophies. Are they good for a kid’s confidence? Do they turn kids into entitled monsters? I have no idea. As adults, a lot of us accept participation trophies with honor and pride. Every medal I possess simply says finisher. Tough Mudder […]

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No Platinum China Please

As I was running today I was trying to decide what to write about then it hit me, right in the hamstring. During the run I felt a little tweak in the hammy and it got me thinking about my recent run of injuries. Before I bore you with a list, I always quietly mocked […]

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The Las Vegas Autobahn

In Las Vegas we have an amazing national conservatory known by locals as simply Red Rock. I have mentioned this place many times before;  probably because it’s many of our homes away from home. This place is so amazing, to think that in a city that quite literally has everything, TripAdvisor lists Red Rock as […]

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Uber, Wells Fargo and Me

If you have watched TV much over the last few months you may have noticed two commercials from two entirely different companies with the same message. I’m one of those weird people that enjoys the commercials more than the shows. Commercials are a way to see the direction society is heading. The two commercials I […]

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Over the Hill and Far Away

I have been listening to the band Led Zepplin for almost thirty years, but it wasn’t until last Saturday that I officially got the “LEAD” out. Leadville, CO is a town of 2,600 people residing at 10,152 feet above sea level. It’s famous for many things including its mining past, it’s insanely cold weather, and […]

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That Will Learn You

I’m sitting here typing on Leadville Eve, just thinking about all the things I’ve learned and the ways I have grown by partaking in the sport known as trail running. I have learned what love is and what it means. Love isn’t a noun, it is a verb. Love is when you put time, effort […]

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